Thank You

Naomi: The Show couldn’t happen without the generous contributions – in money, services, time, and timely advice – of countless friends, family, and colleagues. Each and every one of you has our thanks.

Vancouver Film School
Åsa Cederholm
Yvonne Chuang
Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin
Ryan Copple
Ian & Cindy Dayneswood
Mario Escalante
Wade Fennig
Mark Fuller
Michael Germant
Shira Gordon
Rachel & Steven Hanna
Tegan Hasselbach
Tiffany Holmes
Andrew Kemp
Thuy Khuc
Owen Lambert
Dot Langler
Aaron McCallum
Scott McGrath & Fraser Irvine
Andrew Menzies
Sean Minogue
Greg Moleski/Satori Dog Institute
Jeff Morris
Susan Picha
Julie Puckrin
Sarah Richards
Gordon & Joanne Robideau
Hannah & Alex Ruurs
Jenny Siddle
Salvatore Stefanile
Andrew Tsang
Allison Walchuk & Rees Savidis
Stephen Webster
Caroline & Ezri Wilkinson
Dingding Xu