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Naomi: The Vlog – Thief in Broad Daylight

I have a confession to make. I’m a thief. Or maybe I just really, really like food. It’s hard to say. Watch this installment of Naomi: The Vlog and see for yourself! [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – Armpit Excitement

My armpit privacy was invaded by a stranger, and I’m not totally sure how I feel about it. [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – Life Fail

If I’m going to make up lies about myself, I need to learn to at least make up good ones. [...]

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Naomi: The Show Selected for Audience Choice Award Competition

Naomi: The Show has been selected to participate in the Mingle Media TV Audience Winner Competition as part of the New Media Film Festival. The winner is selected by audience voting, which means we need the help of our fans! [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – The Highway Jerk

It is what it sounds like. My dog Jack assists me in the retelling of this morning’s highway experience [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – You Could Be My Grandpa

It’s Wednesday! Time for installment 3 of Naomi: The Vlog. I love old people, except when they want to love me back inappropriately.[...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – Don’t Talk to Strangers

After a brief hiatus, it’s time for installment number 2 of Naomi: The Vlog. [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – The Mall Stalker

Oh no! Technical difficulties! And on finale day. Come on, technology! We’re going to be posting our Season 1 finale on Monday, Dec. 20th, rather than today. Our apologies. But it really is the computer’s fault.

In the meantime, to satisfy your need for creepy/awkward stories, we bring you Naomi: The Vlog. This should tide you over until Episode 10 is live, and further installments should keep you happy until Season 2 of Naomi: The Show is released. [...]

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Tell Us Your Crazy Pick-Up Story & Win Your Own Creepy Raccoon!

You’ve gotten a glimpse into my insane encounters with the world, including some of the worst pick-ups ever. Now, we (Jennica and I) want to hear yours!

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Here For the First Time?

Welcome to Naomi: The Show! We’re more than halfway through our season… but we don’t want to leave anybody behind! While it’s not strictly necessary to watch the episodes in order, we know you’ll want to start at the beginning. To start at Episode 1, just go to Video. From there, you can choose any [...]

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