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Tell Us Your Crazy Pick-Up Story & Win Your Own Creepy Raccoon!

You’ve gotten a glimpse into my insane encounters with the world, including some of the worst pick-ups ever. Now, we (Jennica and I) want to hear yours!

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Episode 8

Naomi receives a cultural education

13 Dec, 2010 by 2 Comments

Episode 7

Naomi learns the language of love

10 Dec, 2010 by 4 Comments

Here For the First Time?

Welcome to Naomi: The Show! We’re more than halfway through our season… but we don’t want to leave anybody behind! While it’s not strictly necessary to watch the episodes in order, we know you’ll want to start at the beginning. To start at Episode 1, just go to Video. From there, you can choose any [...]

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Episode 6

Naomi meets a fellow book lover

08 Dec, 2010 by 1 Comment

Episode 5

Naomi makes weekend plans with a classmate

06 Dec, 2010 by 6 Comments

Episode 4

Naomi meets her biggest fan

03 Dec, 2010 by 8 Comments

Naomi: The Show: The Premiere

Hi, and welcome to Season One of Naomi: The Show, a new comedy series about a regular girl and her ridiculously awkward encounters with the weirdos of the city. And just so you know, everything you’re about to see actually happened. Today, we’re premiering the first three episodes for your viewing enjoyment. New episodes will be [...]

01 Dec, 2010 by 3 Comments

Episode 3

Naomi makes a fuzzy new friend

01 Dec, 2010 by 11 Comments

Episode 2

Naomi eyes a cute guy

01 Dec, 2010 by 3 Comments