Naomi: The Show Selected for Audience Choice Award Competition

Mingle Media TV Show Schedule

Naomi: The Show has been selected to participate in the Mingle Media TV Audience Winner Competition as part of the New Media Film Festival. The winner is selected by audience voting, which means we need the help of our fans!

The Mingle Media TV Audience Winner Competition invites the public to cast a daily vote for their favorite web series during the time allotted. Finalists will have their web series screened at the San Francisco and Los Angeles New Media Film Festival showings and will have a final audience vote off during the last two weeks prior to the New Media Film Festival in May 2011 to select a winner. The winner and 5 finalists will receive an award certificate and be eligible for a variety of festival prizes.

Click on the badge to view our entry and vote for us! There’s no sign-up required so it only takes a second, and it means we would like you forever and ever.

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