Episode 8 -

Naomi receives a cultural education

Season One Episodes

Episode 8

Naomi receives a cultural education

13 Dec, 2010 by 2 Comments


  1. Giovanni
    January 15, 2011
    @ 12:19 pm

    I like the minimalistic way in which your character responds. She says a lot with brief verbal responses and with facial and body language. I’d be interested in hearing her say more in some of the episodes.

  2. naomitheshow
    January 15, 2011
    @ 12:28 pm

    You will get your wish in Season 2! While Season 1 involves awkward situations caused by weirdos approaching me, Season 2 will delve a bit more into situations where my own inept behavior increases the awkwardness! There will still be weirdos, though – I can’t seem to get away from them!

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