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Naomi’s Getting Out More

Naomi: The Show isn’t just on YouTube anymore! There are several sites that have expressed interest in hosting our little series, so don’t be surprised if you stumble across a Naomi episode when you least expect it. Our newest venture is with iThentic, a site that hosts short films & web series. We’ve also entered [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – Of Dogs & Poop

I own two dogs. I should except that my life is going to involve poop in some capacity. I just really didn’t expect it to be in THIS capacity. [...]

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Naomi: The Show wins Grand Prize!

I like the sound of ‘Grand Prize’ even better than ‘First Prize’ so I was thrilled to learn that Naomi: The Show has won the grand prize in the NAPTE Quick Flicks Film & Video Contest! [...]

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We’re Winning!

It’s been a busy week for Naomi: The Show! We recently screened at SharpCuts Indie Film & Music Festival and were thrilled to be selected as Webseries Wednesday’s “Viewers Choice” award winner! [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – Advice for the Homeless

This is an open letter to all homeless folk, or to anyone who may consider knocking on a car window at any point in their lives. Let’s all learn from this guy’s mistake [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – An Easter Tale

Sometimes customer service sucks. And sometimes, it makes you the happiest girl in the world. Thank you Marketplace IGA on Esplanade in North Vancouver [...]

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Naomi: The Show Takes Home Outstanding Sketch Comedy Award at Los Angeles Fest

Exciting news from Los Angeles! We were already pretty proud that Naomi: The Show was an official selection at the LA Web Festival (March 25-27) and screened alongside 120 beautifully made, hilarious, and eye-opening series from around the world, so imagine how we felt to hear that our little show was awarded “Outstanding Sketch Comedy Series” at the fest [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – Stop the Takeout

I’m sorry, but if you’re at the point where your obesity has you bed ridden, it’s time to stop with the take-out! [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – The Roundabout

Turns out, I don’t actually know how roundabouts work… and I was pretty darn sure that I did, until now. [...]

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Naomi: The Vlog – The Bum Show

Unfortunately, this time the show wasn’t put on by a homeless bum. This time, it was my bum on display. Check out this weeks vlog entry. [...]

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